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Historical Perspectives: Original Points of View from History

In this performance, the audience will see three original monologues or perspectives from history. 

 My grandmother, Cora Thorpe attended Roulhac High, a colored school in Chipley Florida.

Ruby Bridges was the first black student to attend William Frantz Elementary School and Elizabeth Eckford was one of the first black teenagers to attend Little Rock Central High School.

These monologues take us back into history, into the minds of these young women. Why was it so important to attend a good school? Was it worth it? Why is the Brown Vs? Board of Education decision so important?

roulhac middle school.jpg

Historical Perspective Workshop/

The optional workshop or residency allows students to create their own historical monologue using moments and people from history as their inspiration.

The Process

Take a look at my process of creating historical monologues from my perspective.

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