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Encouraging Readiness Through Artistic Play

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The Importance of Readiness

*Stats from Baltimore City Schools*

What is Playbook?

Playbook is a hands-on interactive resource that uses a collection of creative arts strategies and activities to encourage learning and exploration through arts, play, and imagination.


These activities include music, movement, and dramatic experiences such as putting students in certain roles, acting out stories, envisioning imaginary travel, creating a soundscape, and more!


Playbook provides unique and engaging experiences that extend learning beyond a traditional learning environment and help to position your child for academic success.

The Benefits of Arts Infused Learning

What Playbook
Can Do

Playbook helps to improve the quality of life for families by providing them with an educational and fun way to entertain their children at home. 

Playbook will teach both children and adults skills that will aid in preparing a strong foundation for academic success in kindergarten and beyond. 

This programming will help to empower parents, set an early foundation for engaged learning, and set children up for future academic success. 


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