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Belle's Book Club

Belle’s Book Club provides an interactive, arts-integrated approach to reading comprehension in a developmentally appropriate social atmosphere.​​

  • Level 1.0 is ideal for participants ages 4-7​. Picture books are used in level 1.0.

  • Level 2.0 is ideal for participants ages 7-10. Early chapter books and graphic novels are used in level 2.0.

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Acting/Public Speaking

Acting coaching and public speaking sessions are provided one on one virtually. Participants will be taught based on their individual level.​​

  • Participants will learn

    • Slating​

    • Actor's Tool Box

    • Character Development

    • Stage Presence

    • Vocal Techniques

    • Monologue or Speech

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Narrative Writing Through Monologue

Participants are engaged in the narrative writing process. They are given the authority to create multidimensional monologues while breathing life into their stories and characters. Participants write and perform their monologues.

Ideal for students in grades 3-8.

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Creative Aging

  • Actor’s Tools Series

    • Drop-in Workshops

    •  Participants will actively explore the elements of drama while using 21st Century Skills. 

  • The Cora Project: The Living Memoir

    • Sequential Consecutive Sessions.

    • Participants will write and perform original monologues inspired by people and events from their lives.

           *Custom workshops are                available upon request.