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Dramatic Play

Learn to make the most of your storytime with Playbook. 

What is Playbook?

Playbook is a hands-on interactive resource that uses a collection of creative arts strategies and activities to encourage learning and exploration through the arts, play, and imagination.


These activities include music, movement, and dramatic experiences such as putting students in certain roles, acting out stories, envisioning imaginary travel, creating a soundscape, and more!


Playbook provides unique and engaging experiences that extend learning beyond a traditional learning environment and help to position your child for academic success.

Who is Playbook For?

Playbook is for those who want their children to engage in extended quality learning while still having fun.  


Playbook can be used at home, in the classroom, or daycare setting to help position your child for academic success. 


Participants can watch and follow along with the interactive videos of this virtual book and apply these to their child's other favorite books.

The Benefits of Arts Infused Learning

Studies have shown that students in arts integrated classrooms tend to outperform their counterparts in math and language arts [1] and are more likely to go to college. 

​Children who participated in a drama-based education program saw decreases in disruptive behavior and they experienced improvements in self-regulatory behaviors [2]. 

Participation in the arts helps early learners to grow cognitively, emotionally and socially [3].  Arts infused programs can even help children be more confident.


Take your story time to the next level with Playbook

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