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A Year with Dramatic Play 2023

It was an exciting year for us, with over 1500 participants engaging in our programs and activities. Our community extended from infants and toddlers, early childhood, elementary school students, and middle and high school students to educators and adults. Our aim has always been to provide a platform for everyone, regardless of their age, to explore their creative side.


Throughout the year, we conducted a variety of programs. "Anansi and the Magic Rock" was a hit among our younger participants, where they could explore the world of folktales and imagination. "Actor's Tools for the Classroom" was beneficial for educators, providing them with practical tools to make learning more engaging and fun. "Belle's Book Club" became a community favorite, encouraging reading and providing a space for literary discussions.

We created over 200 monologues with "Creating a Narrative" to help participants express their thoughts and ideas effectively and "Finding Your Voice" to boost their confidence and communication skills. "First Class: A Postal Adventure" and "Imagine and Play" were other popular programs where participants could imagine, create, and play in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our playgroups, community classes, and residencies were filled with energetic participants eager to learn and create. We are grateful for the enthusiasm and creativity that our participants brought to these programs.


Our programs and activities took place in various locations across Maryland, including Baltimore City, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, and Anne Arundel County. We also extended our reach to Washington, DC, Richmond, VA, and Center Sandwich, NH. These locations provided a conducive environment for our participants to explore, create, and learn.


We are grateful to our partners who helped us in making this year a success. We collaborated with various organizations and institutions, including Abbottson Judy Center, Dru Judy Center, Bishop McNamara High School, Building Better People Productions, Carpe Diem Arts, Curtis Bay Elementary School, Dru Judy, Empowerment Academy, Euwtaw-Mashburn Judy Center, Ford’s Theatre.

Our partnership also extended to Folger Shakespeare Library, Hurley and Associates, Interact Story Theatre, Payne Elementary School, Prince George’s County Public Library, Prince George’s County Public Schools, Pimlico Elementary/Middle School, Sandwich Central School, Severna Park Elementary School, and St. Mary’s County Public Library.

We also worked with Teaching Artists of the Mid-Atlantic, Vivien T. Thomas Medical Academy, Whetstone Elementary School, and Yard Dramas. Each of these partnerships played a crucial role in our success this year, and we are looking forward to continued collaborations in the future.

For any further details, feel free to reach out to us at Thank you for being a part of our journey this year. We are excited about the coming year and hope to continue providing a platform for creative exploration and learning.

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