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Make Time for Some Dramatic Play on this Fun Friday!

Magic Clay

Magic Clay can be played at home with family and friends, in a classroom or with a community group. This experience encourages imagination and both fine and gross motor creative movement.

How to play

  • Participants stand in a circle or stand behind their chairs if in a classroom.

  • The music will begin.

  • The first person will begin with the magic clay and pantomime molding the clay into an object.

  • They will pretend to use the object for a few seconds. Think of this as a 5-10 second performance.

  • The rest of the group is not guessing what has been made. They are just observing and enjoying the short performance.

  • The person with the clay will pretend to squish the magic clay into a ball and toss it to the next person.

  • Repeat the steps until all players have had a turn. It usually takes 2-3 rounds for participants to warm-up their imagination and creativity.

Key Take-Aways


  • Think outside of the box. There are so many things that can be made.

  • Put thought into your movements when using the imaginary object.

  • Have fun and be Dramatic!

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