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Make Time for Some Dramatic Play on this Fun Friday!

This is Not A...

In this experience, participants use their imaginations to transform everyday objects into props.

(This can be done with any simple object: pencil, marker, eraser etc.)

How to play

Participants stand in a circle or behind their desk.

  • Hold the object of your choice.

  • Take a second and use your imagination to turn the object into something else. Anything that you want.

  • Then say, “This is not a ______, it's a_______.

  • Use your imagination and pretend to use the object that you just made.

  • Pass the object to the next person and repeat the steps.


Scarf: This is not a scarf. It’s a blind fold.

(Wrap the scarf around your eyes like a blind fold).

  • Extension: Divide the class/group into pairs or smaller groups and have them create objects together.

  • Have participants create a tableau or a scene using the created object.

Key Take-Aways

  • Think outside of the box. There are so many things that can be made.

  • Put thought into your movements and dramatizations when using the imaginary object.

  • Have fun and be Dramatic!

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Jennifer Ridgway
Jennifer Ridgway

This game is one of my favorites. I love the pic! Thank you for always inspiring and motivating me. You are phenomenal. Where would I be without you?

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