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Children in Classroom

Actor's Tools for the Classroom

Participants will actively explore the elements of drama while using 21st Century Skills. They will collaborate creatively and use critical thinking and problem-solving skills while learning performance strategies that align with classroom content.

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Tiny Playwrights

In addition to learning Actor’s Tools for the Classroom, participants will dive into creative collaboration with their ensemble members by planning, writing, and performing original plays. They will use props and costume pieces to bring their characters to life.


Opening the Door to Narrative Writing through Monologue

Participants will explore and experience multiple theater-based strategies that will differentiate the pre-writing activities and the overall narrative writing process as they create, refine, and perform original monologues. 

Drama Students

Custom Workshops

Don't see what you are looking for? We can create a custom arts education or arts integration workshop to suit your needs.

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