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Belle's Book Club Playgroups

Belle’s Book Club provides an interactive, arts-integrated approach to storytime in a developmentally appropriate social atmosphere.​

Belle's Book Club incorporates strategies that support whole-child learning.

We strive to develop book lovers and better people by using a unique combination of creative and social-emotional learning strategies. We will explore picture books, learn from arts strategies and create friendships. Participants and their caregivers will sing, dance, imagine and play while enjoying this interactive story experience.

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Male Lions

Imagine and Play Storytime: Going on Safari

 A Movement Story 

Participants will go on an imaginary journey to the African Savanna. Upon arrival, they will be guided on a Safari to search for some of Africa’s finest animals. 

Participants will learn through exploration and engage in imaginary travel to create imagery.

Trechalea spider, comonly known as fishing or river spider, on a rock near a river prepari

Imagine and Play Storytime:
Anansi and the Magic Rock

 A Trickster Tale

Anansi and the Magic Rock is an interactive performance for young audiences. The experience begins with students warming up their actor's tools to prepare for performance (body, voice, imagination, ensemble). Then, imaginary travel is used to transport the participants to the African Savanna. Once there, they meet Anansi the Spider. Anansi has a story to tell and needs help telling his story. Participants are taught a series of actions that repeat throughout the story to keep everyone actively engaged. 

slim first class post card.png

Imagine and Play Storytime:
First Class: A Postal Adventure

 A Movement Story

Imagine delivering mail to animals in their natural habitats. Participants will use their imaginations to go on an imaginary journey with Ms. Khaleshia. They will travel into the forest,  high above the tree tops, into the swamp, and deep into the coral reef. How will they get there? What will they see? Join us on this adventure as we deliver mail to the most unlikely places. Participants will learn about postal workers, animal habitats, and animal characteristics and practice sequencing and recalling the story.

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