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Lola Levine Book Series

Great Book Series for Early Chapter Book Readers

Last month Belle took to Social Media to share her March Book Picks. She shared her thoughts about the Lola Levine Series. The author showed her some love on Twitter and Retweeted our post!

Lola is so funny!

Lola is a unique character. She's funny. She's stands out amongst the rest of the girls. She competitive, athletic and she's a great friend.

These books are Addictive

You'll find it difficult to stop once you start reading these books.

Connecting with Lola

Lola is very relatable. It is easy for young readers to put themselves in her shoes.


Belle gives this series 5 Stars. We would love to hear what you think about the books. Have you read any of the Lola Levine Books? Leave a comment tell us what you think.

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