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Make Time for Some Dramatic Play on this Fun Friday!

Group Freeze

In group freeze, participants move and stop as a group while they move around the space.

How to Play

  • The group will mill around the room as the music plays, getting comfortable with the space embracing the mood of the music. (Mill-To walk around moving to empty space with no true path or direction in mind).

  • Participants will begin to make eye contact with one another, keeping the flow moving. Participants remain silent.

  • When the music stops everyone will freeze.

  • The music will begin and participants will begin to mill again.

  • As the group gets comfortable moving, the music will be cut out.

  • Any group member may stop walking at any time. When this happens, the rest of the group must freeze.

  • Any other member may begin walking again after a few seconds.

  • This freezing and stopping continues until a cohesive flow is established.

Key Take-Aways

  • Stay focused.

  • Pay attention to the energy and pulse of the group.

  • Be aware and stay connected to the other participants.

  • Stay in the moment.

  • Have fun!

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