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Make Time for Some Dramatic Play on this Fun Friday!

Group Mirror

Group Mirror is my favorite ensemble warm-up. This experience brings the group together for collective movement in a meditative and meaningful way. This experience works well with all ages. It also works in a virtual space.

How to Play

  • Participants will begin in an ensemble circle or in their own space where they can see the leader.

(Use smooth fluid movements with or without music).

  • The leader will lead the group with slow fluid movements.

  • The participants will mirror the leader.

  • The role of leader can switch. The leader may say the following: “Without stopping Sara is now the leader”.

  • Everyone would then continue by following the new named leader.

  • This can be done with or without music.

  • Partner Mirror: This experience can also be done with two people instead of a group. Each person would have a turn being the leader.

Simple Movement Ideas

Key Take-Aways

  • Focus on the leader.

  • Stay in the moment.

  • Clear your mind.

  • Don't anticipate movement.

  • Have Fun!

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