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Make Time for Some Dramatic Play on this Fun Friday!

Mine Field

Blindfolded participants are guided through obstacles by following the directions of their guide.

How to Play

  • Fill the space with obstacles. You can use plastic cups, books, pillows, stuffed animals etc. Flat poly spots are a safe option.

  • Blindfold the first player.

  • Choose a guide to direct the blindfolded player through the obstacle course.

  • The guide will verbally direct the blindfolded player through the course.

  • The blindfolded player has to walk through the obstacles to get to the other side without stepping on anything.

  • The player gets out if they step on one of the obstacles.

Key Take-Aways

  • Focus.

  • Pay attention to the directions that you are given.

  • Trust your guide.

  • Be careful.

  • Have fun!

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