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Belle's Book Club

Belle’s Book Club provides an interactive, arts-integrated approach to reading comprehension in a developmentally appropriate social atmosphere.​

Belle's Book Club incorporates strategies that support whole-child learning.

We strive to develop better readers and better people by using a unique combination of creative and social-emotional learning strategies.

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Finding Your Voice: Acting and Public Speaking

Participants will be taught how to use their actor's toolbox and oratory skills to learn and perform monologues and excerpts from historical speeches and quotes. 


Creating a Narrative: Original  Monologue Writing and Performance

Participants will explore and experience multiple theater-based strategies that will differentiate the pre-writing activities and the overall narrative writing process as we create, refine, and perform original monologues.


Early Childhood Programs

We provide developmentally appropriate programming for infants/toddlers through Kindergarten aged children.


The Cora Project (55+)

The Cora Project combines creative writing and performance. Participants will create and perform original monologues inspired by people and events in their lives. This process gives participants the opportunity to share significant stories from their lives with the audience.

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Discovering the Actor's Tool Box (55+)

Participants will actively explore the elements of drama while using 21st Century Skills. They will create collaboratively, and use critical thinking and problem-solving skills while learning performance strategies. This series consists of 4 workshops: Body, Voice, Imagination, and Ensemble.  These workshops can be taken independently or consecutively.

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