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We Bring the Drama

We create and deliver freshly approached arts education programs, arts experiences, and arts solutions that meet the 21st Century needs of communities, schools, businesses, and beyond.


Dramatic Play is an experience. Imagination and play are the heart and soul of the company. Imaginative Play is where we all began exploring, creating, and learning. It's so simple but many forget. 

Experience Dramatic Play. Learn, Play, Create and Explore with us.

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Our Services


Arts Integrated

 Professional Development 

We provide arts integration professional development workshops for educators, businesses and community groups.


Workshops and Residencies

We provide workshops and residencies for all ages with various creative themes.


School and Library Performances

We provide interactive performances in community and education spaces.

Pre-K Teacher

We would love to have Mrs. Khaleshia for more virtual programming. It has been great with my Pre-K 3 class. They are asking if we can do more. The 30-minute lessons are perfect and highly engaging.

Book Club Parent

Belle's Book Club is a  monthly book club that I found out about from an advertisement in this group last year. It is hosted by Khaleshia Thorpe-Price. We had such a great experience with it last year. This year, she has 2 different levels with level 2 having assigned books. I bought the books and my kids absolutely LOVE them. Such an AMAZING resource. Highly recommended!

Camp Participant

Ms. Khaleshia, You know something, I really love this camp!

In regular writing, you are writing something that you are told and have to write.
When I wrote the play I could write what I wanted and have the characters say what I wanted.


Working With the Best 

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